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In the name of the LORD, the Everlasting God
--Genesis 21,33

Bible and Mishneh Torah for the Mac

We were so delighted with our right-to-left logical Hebrew version of Mishneh Torah for the PC and so disappointed from all our experiments to make a special Mac Hebrew encoded version that displays normally on the old-fashioned Mac browsers, that we abandoned our original plan to make a special version for Mac users, despite their growing numbers.

The Apple Safari for OS X now reportedly supports Hebrew (even with vowels); this means that all of this site should be readable in the Safari browser (for the Bible with cantillation marks, we have had reports that much of the text and its cantillation marks is readable, but some signs are not yet supported).  And Firefox 3 does support most of the Hebrew on our site including vowels and cantillation marks, but not the proper placement of Holam in words like `awon; Firefox 2 does not support Hebrew with vowels properly, unlike version 3.

For years, for those who were still using old browsers, we could highly recommend Snunit's old Kodesh Site; but that outdated site has been removed, and a new version based on our site as of late 2003 has replaced it:  The Snunit site is an all Hebrew site that was originally made for Israeli school children of all ages and is widely used by adults as well.  It features reading in the Bible and Jewish Law texts with very useful linking both from the Oral Law texts to the Bible and from the Bible to the Oral Law texts.  It also has advanced search facilities that are superior to those on our site, including morphological searchs and synonym searchs.

We have heard that the iCab browser for the Mac is planned to support our kind of Hebrew, and hope it will soon; Opera is also said to be working on full support of Hebrew in a version for the Mac as well.  We ask Mac users to let us know what other browser for the Mac is capable of properly displaying modern Hebrew HTML, when one comes out.

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last updated:  19 June 2008

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